Port turistic port and coastal

This project consists of a 130-meter long pier with two 65-meter long berths, which will be used for 200-passenger tourist ships, coastal vessels with a capacity of 2,000 gross registered tons (GRT) and fishing vessels with a capacity of 400 GRT, as well as a marina for yachts or sports boats. It will be developed in a land with a total extension of 175.77 meters long and 162 meters deep, lands that are currently owned by the Port Society.

The tourist port - marina of Tribugá, expects to strengthen the social business commitment of Arquímedes S.A., by generating spaces for the fishermen of the Tribugá area, who will be provided with equipment to generate added value in the post-harvest and marketing alternatives, a site for sailboats and tourist yachts in the Latin American Pacific for the consolidation of the tourist vocation of the region.

Nuquí - Tribugá Corridor

This road corridor will connect Nuquí's Urban Zone with the future Port Zone, as well as a boardwalk that allows the pedestrian and bicycle route connection between both points. This corridor represents the possibility of directly connecting the municipality with the port development.

Strengthening Tourism

Understanding the tourist potential of the region and the growing demand for tourism in the Municipality of Nuquí, the tourist port of Tribugá, will offer the opportunity to receive international cruises from tourists interested in the supply of ecological and community tourism in the region, likewise, the marina of the tourist port will expect to host tourist yachts and sailboats, being part of the circuit

Strengthening of Fishing

The tourist and coastal port in the Tribugá Inlet will generate equipped spaces that will facilitate the work of fishermen in the region, on the one hand in the cold chain of the product, in the commercialization towards other regions of the country and in the arrival of ships or fishing boats to the municipality.

° The process and development °

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