quibdó - núquí Railway

The railway project, "Chocó Regional Train", will connect the port with the municipality of Quibdó on the Atrato river running for almost 90km with several tunnels and bridges. Near Quibdó a dry or transfer terminal would be developed that would allow to attend loads of the Tribugá Port, with origin - destination: the south and center of Antioquia, the Coffee Axis, the center of the country and in a smaller volume of the north of the Valle del Cauca and in general the Colombian Caribbean coast.

The implementation of the new railroad freight system will contribute to:
la región beneficios como:

  1. Enrich cargo transportation options for industries that export and import products in Pacific and even Caribbean ports, through land and multimodal connectivity.

  2. The railway corridor is an essential instrument for the improvement of the logistic performance and therefore of the competitiveness of the industries. The vocation of the railway is to complement the current logistics chain by improving its efficiency.

  3. The operation of daily trains will save the emission of approximately one (1) million tons of CO 2 annually and 60% of the fuel needed to transport the expected volume of cargo.

  4. It represents a key project in the regional and national infrastructure development plan.

Esta es una representación gráfica y netamente conceptual del proyecto puntual y está sujeta a modificaciones de tipo diseño, arquitectonico o de acabados durante el desarrollo del mismo. De igual manera, el contexto del territorio, el mobiliario, la ambientación y el material vegetal son interpretaciónes del diseñador y no son especificos del proyecto que se exhibe en esta imagen.

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