We are a business organization of mixed economy and private character that promotes, manages and executes the execution of multiple road, rail, port, business, social and other sustainable infrastructure projects, which promotes the socioeconomic development of the department of the Chocó with parameters of environmental sustainability that link the interior of the country with the economies of Asia in the Pacific, Central America, the Caribbean, America and the world.

We are the promoters and administrators of various transportation infrastructure projects that promote the economic and social development of Chocó, such as the deep sea port in Tribugá, Chocó, the Chocó Regional Train (Quibdó - Nuquí), the Tribugá Tourist Port - Marina, the Quibdó and Nuquí Multi-enterprise Free Zone, among others.

Our Mission

To offer the country multipurpose port services with emphasis on the Pacific basin, through a competitive and environmentally sustainable port infrastructure in the Municipality of Nuquí and other municipalities in the Department of Chocó. Likewise, to develop fluvial, railway, maritime and urban infrastructure projects, of benefit to the hinterland and the lands near to the port.

Our Vision

To have operational by 2023, a multipurpose port on the Colombian Pacific, municipality of Nuquí, with railway access and complementary infrastructure, under the concept of "City - Port".

° Board of Directors °

Port Society Arquímedes S.A 2022 – 2023

° Shareholders °

Public sector

Private sector