Sociedad Portuaria Arquímedes S.A. is committed to project management from a social, economic, environmental and institutional sustainability perspective.

We will be the first green port in the country through the implementation of environmentally friendly practices and protocols, carrying out activities and causing the minimum impact, providing measures to improve and control the quality of air, water, noise and waste, renewable energy facilities and energy efficiency measures.

We will guarantee the best practices by obtaining the ISO 14001 certification, to ensure that the negative impact on the environment is reduced.

The Archimedes society will promote investment for the strengthening of the well-being of the inhabitants of Nuquí, it will promote important improvements in the sectors of fishing, tourism and agriculture, committing itself to the reduction of the unsatisfied basic needs, the decrease in the indicators of violence, promoting the ethnic and territorial rights of the black and indigenous communities, the conservation of the cultural and environmental patrimony.

Plans and projects will also be provided to allow:

Strengthening the educational infrastructure.

Strengthening of health infrastructure

Development of productive units based on "Ancestral Knowledge"

Generation of direct qualified employment

Improvement of domestic public services for the municipality of Nuquí (water, electricity, sanitation and waste disposal)

Improvement of the physical infrastructure of the urban and part of the rural road network

Strengthening Community Tourism

Improvement of the municipal public resources through the port fees whose destination will favor, among others, the sectors of health, education, housing, basic sanitation, among others.

° City port °

As the First City - Port in the country, we carry out before any intervention, the study of land use to plan the territory, defining the requirements of public services for the city and the port area (Water, electricity and sanitation), separating the housing area from the industrial port area, defining specific areas of environmental protection, tourism and future expansion, and thus ensuring the implementation of productive units in an organized manner.

With the incorporation of this new urban land, we seek to plan and design the Port City articulated and connected to the current urban headwaters, finding in it an opportunity to address a number of existing problems associated with the lack of roads, safe and adequate housing, public services, social facilities and on the other hand, environmental degradation, threats and disaster risks and extreme poverty. Introduce the original graphic, which does not have the white sign of "Plan Expansión portuaria....